Outform is a Future Retail agency covering the most current trends in the industry. Given the COVID-1 9 landscape, our team has started to uncover some of the most interesting micro-trends happening in our culture at this time. We will be bringing you industry insights every week that explore emerging conversations from global consumers across different channels. Our team will examine topics surrounding consumer insights, retail, design, brand highlights, and technology.

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What Consumers Will Pay More For During Covid

While budgets have been tighter during the pandemic, there are still some things that consumers are willing to loosen their purse strings for. Click here to get the full report.

Blockchain In Omnichannel Retail

Unified commerce solutions that provide stock transparency, convenience, and rapidity appeal to modern-day shoppers. Blockchain technology could give consumers, as well as retailers, the security, automation, inventory visibility, and transparency that they demand across the supply chain. Click here to get the full report.

Store Fitting Rooms Are Going Virtual

15-40% of online sales end up being returned. The inability to see and feel the product accounts for this, but also constraints from trying on the merchandise provokes shoppers to order more than one size option and return those that did not fit. The solution? Virtual fitting rooms at home. Click here to get the full report.