M&M’s are as delicious as they are fun. But in Orlando, the city that’s home to Mickey and Minnie, making M&M’s World a destination was a challenge. We helped M&M’s World compete by bringing their iconic characters to life for an unforgettable brand experience. We created a fully interactive and colorful world inside and out, outfitted with larger-than-life characters and high-quality retail displays. Combining our expertise in design, fabrication, and deployment, this project came together to add a new Orlando destination to the map.



To remind consumers of the M&M brand in a city heavily saturated with other memorable characters.



Amazing concepts brought to life through production and implementation took the project to another level.



A vibrant, fun, and memorable retail space which illuminated the brand to its fullest.

17,500 SQ FT

Of Brand Experience


Customer Impressions


M&M Characters


and On-Time Delivery


Store of the Year

VMSD Award M&M World Flagship Store