Absolut is known for bringing the energy and creating lasting memories. But how can those same qualities be shown in a liquor store to send a message of strong brand presence? The Absolut Standout Retail Display encompasses these qualities. The gorgeous structure creates a major focal point with an impressive size, 360 degree branding, and a sequins finish. These elements draw attention and increase foot traffic by disrupting the routine shopper’s typical purchasing behavior. The corrugated design makes this display a cost-effective solution that can easily be translated to multiple retail campaigns. The Absolut Standout Retail Display instantly owns the liquor store floor and creates a bold and unforgettable “WOW!” effect.



Represent Absolut’s bold spirit in an off-trade environment, creating a noticeable presence and enticing shoppers’ interests.



Absolut’s classic blue color, iconic bottle silhouette, and shimmering sequins finish was strategically used to reflect the brand’s style and exciting energy, creating memorable in-store disruption.



A 14-state presence created a major in-store statement, drawing attention and increasing Absolut Original vodka sales by over 33% and overall Absolut sales by over 13%.




Domestic Brand Presence

80-250 CASES

Housed Per Display

10,000 CASES

Promoted During Campaign