Environmental Policy

It is Outform’s policy to conduct its business in a responsible and sustainable manner, through the implementation and use of modern technologies with a minimal risk of environmental impact. Our beliefs combined with employee involvement are in line with all relevant laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection.

The goal of our company is to implement products and services with the least possible impact on the natural environment, i.e. the practical implementation of the principle of sustainable development, which is the basic principle of environmental protection. This goal is achieved through sub-goals:

• compliance with applicable legal regulations and other requirements in the field of environmental protection;

• minimizing the production of technological (production) waste and conducting an environmentally safe waste management by optimizing the production process;

• conducting an accurate segregation of generated waste, both production and municipal waste, which is to facilitate further management of this waste as secondary raw materials;

• transfer of waste to companies with appropriate waste management permits;

• rational management of raw materials, materials, water, electricity and heat;

• reduction of air pollutant emissions through the use of filtration devices in production processes;

• providing employees with a place to park two-wheeled ecological means of transport.

The company has all the environmental protection decisions required by law, including waste generation, gas and dust emissions permits.

Awareness of the Management Board and employees, supervision and monitoring of environmental impact and cooperation with professionals such as recovery organizations, accredited measurement laboratories, authorized waste management entities provide a basis for stating that the development of the enterprise takes place with respect for the natural environment. On behalf of the entire team, I declare my commitment to work on meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001.


Approved Managing Director Marek Bakalarczyk


Konstantynów Łódzki, 16.02.2023



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