An innovative take on the traditional lightbox display, Dynamix by Outform uses a combination of customized LED animations, and fabric prints to create engaging retail experiences. Available in a variety of sizes, formats, and configurations, Dynamix by Outform is designed to integrate mounted merchandising elements such as hangers, shelves, or brackets, inviting the shopper to a memorable product discovery. With Dynamix by Outform as a permanent marketing solution, you can change the fabric prints as well as the configuration of the product display to match your new collection or merchandising initiative.

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Endless Possibilities

By simply updating the printed fabric with changing seasons and collections, or rearranging showcase elements, the creative and branding possibilities are endless with Dynamix by Outform.

Mounted Merchandising

Mounted merchandising is supported by a variety of compatible showcase elements. Vertical racking allows for mounting of shelves, hooks, and pegs. This type of modular bracketing creates a multitude of display combinations to merchandise product in front of the light box. 

Quick Set Up

Dynamix is a 10 minute, tool-less install where LED panels are simply snapped into place.

Multi Content Sync

Multi Content Sync feature allows for multiple animations to be played in sync on different Dynamix by Outform lightboxes. This feature enhances the Dynamix by Outform technology by creating an immersive light experience that transforms the ambiance in in the retail space.

Product Highlight

Hero your products to make them stand out. Using light animations, Dynamix by Outform creates powerful visuals to draw attention toward merchandise and tell an impactful brand story.