iDISPLAY™ iShelf 2

Battery operated for on-the-shelf usage.


The iShelf 2 is a battery-operated 7″ interactive digital shelf display with proven capability to increase sales. Its attractive features, branding capabilities, small size, and minimal logistical requirements make the iShelf 2 a cost-effective, promotional, and educational tool.

Cordless Power

With up to 3 months of constant activation, no electrical cable is required for this battery- powered display. Place it anywhere that's right for you and your requirements, without regard for available outlets or concern for concealing cords in a heavily trafficked area. A truly liberating digital signage solution that enhances shelf space!

Push Button Activation

Get your customer’s attention and involve them with your audio-visual content message in a direct, effective way. While one promotional clip or image slideshow plays in a continuous loop, customers are invited to interact with your message by way of a push button. This triggers a second movie or slideshow to activate for double the informational content and value, thus reducing the cost for a required sales person.

Digital Screen

The high resolution 7” digital screen enriches in-store customer experience. The customer enjoys the high quality of screens when watching the promotional messages, you wish to convey about your product.

Brand It

Make the display all yours and reinforce brand awareness using the static Ad-Panel on the display. This is a great place for catchy marketing graphics and your company or product’s name.

Various Installation Options

In commercial environments, there is no one size fits all -- each location’s configuration has its own dimensions and types of shelving unit. We’ve taken those differences into account with our adaptable and secure mounting system, which allows for adjustable sizing and guarantees a perfect fit every time.