Future Retail Newsletter

August 5th, 2019

Apple’s AR city tours, how businesses are combating purchase anxiety, and why Lululemon’s restaurant will succeed while Crate & Barrel’s will fail.

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RETAIL // Brands Build Community To Battle Purchase Anxiety

RETAIL // US Brands Leverage Alibaba's Retail Center To Attract Chinese Consumers

RETAIL // Eight Brand New Must-See Shops And Cafés

TRENDS // Personalization In Retail: What Are The Current Trends?

INSIGHTS // Customer Experience Isn’t About Fixing Discomfort, It’s About Preventing It

TECH // A Supermarket Has Introduced An In-Store Robot And Shoppers Are Not Impressed

TECH // Apple Offers Augmented Reality Art Tours In Major Cities

DESIGN // An Architectural Studio Has Designed A Pool Within A Cliff Edge

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // Lululemon's In-Store Restaurant Will Succeed, While Others Will Fail

BRAND HIGHLIGHT // 30 Minutes With The CEO Of Birchbox

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