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LONDON, SEPTEMBER 2022: Future Retail agency Outform Group has acquired European retail specialist Alrec as part of an ambitious strategy to drive global growth. The acquisition unites two of the sector’s most prominent retail marketing agencies.

Bolstering Outform Group’s existing expertise in delivering innovative, technology-led retail experiences for its clients. The acquisition adds to Outform Group’s global scale, enhancing its footprint throughout the UK and Europe and adding in-house manufacturing capabilities in Poland to an extensive supply chain in Eastern Europe and Turkey. This is in addition to the benefits of Outform Group’s production capabilities in China and North America.

Alrec is a specialist in delivering retail experience, with a future-focused, technology-led retail display specialism that mirrors Outform Group’s. It has offices in The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, the UK, and the US.

The two businesses will combine their expertise to deliver global best-in-class retail solutions for clients.


“We’ve admired Alrec’s operational excellence for a while now, and this, combined with Outform Group’s unique approach, global footprint, and technology-driven solutions, creates a compelling offer for clients looking to shape the future of retail.” – Ariel Haroush, Outform Group founder and President


“We have a committed strategy, bringing together the best talent in the industry. Our values chime, and we share the same spirit and desire for innovation. We’re looking forward to bringing that insight, technology, and creativity to the challenges our clients face in retail and landing it in stores all over the world with operational excellence.” – Simon Hathaway, Outform’s EMEA Group Managing Director

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“We’re very excited about Outform Group and Alrec joining forces – the Outform Group has taken the retail marketing industry by storm over the past few years, and we’re looking forward to the benefits our new global scale will bring to our clients, particularly in China and the Americas.”– David Littlefield, Alrec CEO


About Outform Group: Outform Group is an award-winning Future Retail agency. We deliver innovative retail experiences driven by insight, technology, and creativity. We design, engineer, and prototype, create one-offs and mass produce, we manage logistics and implement in-store, and we can make sense of the data that’s collected along the way.

With more than 750 people and global locations that include; London, Miami, Chicago, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Shenzhen, Amsterdam, Union City, and Leicester, we believe everyone can be creative and share the same spirit: dare to innovate.

We partner with world-renowned brands to shape the Future of Retail.

About Alrec: In a world of unlimited choice, Alrec helps shoppers experience the potential of brands at retail by bringing them to life. Having worked with global clients for over 60 years, we know what makes the difference. Our DNA is shaped by the relentless drive and commitment to do better every time.

Alrec is a full-service provider that prides itself on taking care of every step of the process, earning the trust of leading global brands. Our brand store, shop-in-shop, and display solutions give customers meaningful physical interactions with the brands they love.

Rethinking the retail experience characterizes our history and defines our future.

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