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Outform Inc. and Rapid Displays Inc. have partnered to form one of the world’s largest retail marketing companies to better serve their customers on a global scale.

Already two of the most prominent retail marketing companies, Outform and Rapid Displays will continue to operate their respective brands and support their respective customers under the leadership of Ariel Haroush, who will serve as the Group President and Vice Chairman of the Board. Outform leadership will remain the same, and Mike Doody, President of Sales will continue to lead Rapid Displays.

Outform provides a wealth of creative design and technology capabilities, European and China operations that include engineering, production, assembly and fulfillment. Rapid provides strong domestic US operations to a diverse set of customers across multiple verticals, that includes design, engineering, production, assembly, and fulfillment. Even during one of the most uncertain economies created by the global pandemic, the pursuit of strategic growth for both businesses has never wavered.

About_GlobalTeam_ArielH2 “We are on a mission to lead the retail marketing industry and deliver for our customers globally, together we will shape the future of retail”. – Ariel Haroush, Outform CEO & Group President and Vice Chairman of the Board
outformrapid_miked “We are excited about Outform and Rapid joining forces. Outform has taken the global retail industry by storm over the last few years, specifically in the consumer electronics space. The combination of Outform’s unique approach and technology infused solutions along with Rapid’s foundation of power and scale built over 80 years will create a force unlike any other in our industry.” – Mike Doody, President of Sales, Rapid Displays.
About_GlobalTeam_BenC “I have long been an admirer of Rapid Displays’ capabilities in the US market and am delighted to be joining forces with our own complimentary domestic and international capabilities.”- Ben Chanoch, VP Sales, Outform


It’s not hard to envision the significant benefits from the union of Outform and Rapid Displays.  The pairing of over 80 years of stellar execution across some of the largest and most recognized brands and retailers in the US along with the pioneering, technology infused design of Outform that has had such a massive impact in the industry over the past few years offers additional opportunities to clients and employees.

About Outform Inc.: Outform has taken the global retail industry by storm over the last few years, specifically in the consumer electronics space, providing technology infused solutions via a strategic process that is unmatched in the industry. Outform specializes in creating tangible consumer engagements that elevate, connect and humanize brand experiences. We unite leading experts in research, strategy, design, innovation and manufacturing, who work together to create unforgettable brand experiences. Lean, interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with clients, helping them to solve their user’s biggest problems. Our user-centric, data-driven approach focuses on creating a seamless experience across different environments. For more information, visit www.outform.com

About Rapid Displays, Inc.: Rapid Displays offers custom retail displays, store fixtures, kiosk merchandising, and more for an end-to-end visual merchandising solution. With eight decades of experience, over 500 employees and 1 million square feet of working space, Rapid is a one-stop shop for retail merchandising solutions. One integrated team of retail experts, designers, advisors and project managers results in a tailored and seamless experience for each customer. For more information, visit www.rapiddisplays.com


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