In the world of perfumes, endless competition makes standing out a challenge. Amid a sea of beautiful bottles, the iconic perfume house Mugler wasn’t getting the attention or interaction it deserved. To solve this problem, we created the fully scalable ANGEL and ALIEN counter displays, combining innovative technology and chic design to generate an increase in awareness for these top women’s fragrances. Our high-tier design features a transparent OLED screen with original video content that added to the mystique by hiding and revealing the product behind it.



It is hard for a perfume to stand out in a store environment where one bottle is more beautiful than the last.



Develop a unique solutions to focus shoppers’ attention to the Angel and Alien fragrances, giving the bottles a platform that captures their beauty and uniqueness.



A dynamic displays which adds to the beauty of the bottles and increases both awareness and sales.

1,300+ UNITS





Sell-Through Rate

100% ON TIME