When it comes to capturing the fun of nightlife and excitement of celebration, Absolut is king. The brand brings the party to every location it is in and wanted to capture that same energy in the Miami International Airport to promote their new Absolut Miami limited edition flavor. To keep Absolut on the eyes and minds of those passing through the airport and waiting for their flight, we knew that we needed to make an instant statement. We did this through two different executions.

The first execution was a column that we covered in blue sequins and branded with the Absolut logo and oversized Absolut bottle. This created a major focal point and added unmistakable brand recognition. We created even more attraction by pairing the shimmering column with our dynamic, animated Absolut Travel Retail 3D Pedestal, which you can find out more about here.

We also added a tasting station to the mix to give customers an interactive experience and a way to get them to try the new Absolut Miami flavor. The tasting station housed a small display with a video loop featuring information on Absolut promotions, cocktails, and callouts to let flyers know they could find Absolut Miami at the airport Duty Free store. The station also had the added benefit of doubling as a phone and tablet charging area.

To make sure Absolut would leave an unforgettable impact, we also created a colorful window display positioned right across from the Duty Free store which sold the Absolut Miami flavor. The window display was outlined in sequins and featured a Miami city scene with illuminated Absolut bottles. To bring the window display to life, we incorporated lights and animations which served two purposes. The first was to present callouts for the Absolut Drinks website to let flyers know where they could find Absolut cocktail recipes. The second purpose was to create an energetic mood to align with the spirit of the Absolut’s brand, leaving a lasting impression on airport visitors.

With a dynamic set of innovative executions, Outform Group met the goal of creating attention, attraction, and awareness for Absolut at the Miami International Airport. Bright lights, colorful animations, and sparkling sequins created a standout experience that was highly on-brand, leading to increased curiosity from individuals to try the Absolut Miami limited flavor.


  • Impactful Disruption
  • Promotes Purchase Behavior
  • Dynamic brand recognition


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