When Bucherer was charged with transforming Tourneau’s Midtown Manhattan shop into their new flagship location, they turned to Outform’s forward-thinking designers to make it happen. Called the Bucherer TimeMachine, Outform’s mission wasn’t simply to set a new standard for luxury shopping — they were tasked with reimagining the retail space as a lifestyle destination.

The Challenge: Building the Future of Retail in a Global Pandemic  

With the rise of online shopping, retailers have seen a growing decline in foot traffic, putting the brick-and-mortar business model in a precarious position. However, research continues to show that consumers who make it a point to visit physical stores do so for the experience itself. That’s where the Bucherer TimeMachine design comes in: Outform worked to create an environment where shopping goes beyond selling products and instead serves as an extension of customers’ lifestyles. To complicate matters, construction for the new location began just after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered the world. The team had to overcome supply chain issues, as well as devise a way to effectively inform and engage stakeholders during the buildout when they couldn’t physically be there.

Building a New Reality With Virtual Reality 

A pioneer in photorealistic design renders, Outform took their technology to the next level with virtual reality (VR), connecting Bucherer’s executives and Outform’s creatives to the TimeMachine space even with travel restrictions and limited on-site capacity. In spite of physical limitations, VR gave every team member a fully immersive experience as it was under construction, allowing real-time decision-making without hesitation.

A New Standard in Luxury Shopping

Using VR in the design and construction process resulted in more than just an efficient buildout — it ensured the finished space perfectly matched the original renders. With three stories of completely custom furniture and architectural flourishes, the Bucherer TimeMachine boasts multiple bars, a library, and lounges on every floor. Alongside the custom Harley Davidson motorcycle centerpiece, curated art installations will change seasonally to continually evolve the space. Outform has created a one-of-a-kind retail experience centered around hospitality and community, advancing the store into a forum for Bucherer customers to meet other like-minded customers as they enjoy a leisurely shopping experience. As clients revel in the space, the new design has received accolades from The New York Times, Forbes, WWD, Hodinkee, and more.

  • Fully Custom Design Elements & Fixtures
  • 19,000 Square Feet
  • Revolutionary Watch Retail Design


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