Airports are ideal retail locations due to the heavy foot traffic, giving brands and their products a large amount of attention. Dixons needed a solution that would leverage the constant inflow of people passing through the airport and give their selection of electronics an ideal presentation and maximum exposure.

Outform Group collaborated with Dixons Retail Duty-Free team to create an open, easy-to-shop-in environment for customers that encouraged interaction and engagement for a complete hands-on experience. The Dixons Store of the Future featured simple yet elegant interaction stations and wall units, which looked great and served a functional purpose. Each Dixon product was beautifully presented and let shoppers explore all its features in a more personal, hands-on way, which established a relationship between brand and consumer, leading to a boost in sales.

  • Development, Manufacturing, Installation
  • Maximum And Engagement
  • High Footfall Environment
  • Instant Brand Familiarity


  • Victoria's Secret PodDrop Experience

  • Introducing the Digital Mannequin