Iconic American musical instrument brand Fender has been the world’s largest guitar manufacturer for over 70 years. With an extensive portfolio of amps and guitars used for every music genre, Fender needed a point-of-sale display showing each instrument in all its glory.

Outform Group was thrilled to take on the project, helping develop, manufacture, and install the new suite of POS displays for Fender’s European stores. Each guitar was mounted on a black wall panel that made every instrument pop, accompanied by photographs that reminded shoppers of Fender’s historic rock-and-roll spirit. Each display housed multiple Fender guitars, making it easy for customers to compare each model and its features to find the perfect one. The Fender amps were placed on and around shelves that looked like instrument crates, adding a backstage-like atmosphere to the stores.

The Fender POS Display Suite presented the products in a contemporary way while retaining all the unique qualities that have made Fender a revered brand in the music industry.

  • 500+ Store Activations
  • EMEA Rollout
  • Encourages Product Exploration


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