Grammy-winner, singer, and songwriter Gwen Stefani is known for her bold, red lips and wing-shaped eyeliner; now, it’s officially part of her career thanks to her new cosmetic line, GXVE Beauty. This highly anticipated beauty debut required a retail display that brings Gwen’s star quality to her makeup brand with iconic edgy, colorful, and fun elements.

With a bold brand and product story, GXVE Beauty wanted instant recognition on the sales floor. Outform designed the retail display with signature imagery from the brand, including standout gold and white signage spelling out GXVE that instantly grabs shoppers’ attention on a competitive retail floor. Each side of the display is wrapped in a vivid red bandana print that is often associated with the singer. Other essential features include a hero product focus unit with laser-printed prayer hands, playful on-shelf messaging, specialized compartments with descriptive storytelling for each product category, and easy-to-update signage and imagery.

Through this design, stunning visuals, and achieving an authentic product and brand story, we aligned the brand ethos and customer values and directed shoppers to products they want, need, and desire.

In addition, Outform’s forward-thinking creative team used its high-tech virtual reality capabilities to create a photorealistic retail display walkthrough, allowing us to use this innovation to perform quality assurance and internal creative reviews before sending the design over to the client.

Through daring punk rock colors of red and gold throughout the display, incredibly high-resolution signage, and ease of product navigation, the GXVE beauty launch proves that “performance meets play.”




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