To expand their audience, Hard Rock approached Outform Group to help create eye-catching touch points that would deliver a wow effect and entice a new generation while still exciting the traditional Hard Rock goer. The goal was to create an experience that connects to the Hard Rock brand’s core message and evokes new energy and excitement.

Outform Group set out to embody the Hard Rock spirit through displays that would grab attention and create engagement while providing opportunities for social sharing.

The window display uses LED panels to create an animation effect that adds movement and light to the front of the retail stores and café. This technology allows the windows to show off rich content while also creating transparency so those passing by can still preview what’s happening inside the stores and café.

  • Embodies the spirit of the brand
  • Creates a “can’t be missed” visual
  • From kickoff to install in 7 months


  • Introducing the Digital Mannequin

  • Victoria's Secret PodDrop Experience