The Honor brand is know for its smart device technology, with innovation and premium style being at the forefront of its product offering. When designing Honor’s latest set of stores, Outform ensured that these brands values were a clearly reflected within the environments. The design also needed to focus on using the Honor product line as a conversation starter in the stores to create a social space for customers.

Outform designed several retail spaces which matched Honor’s brand look and feel by embracing elements of sophistication, simplicity and uniqueness. The stores feature a free-flowing floor plan that lets customers easily navigate throughout the space to explore the products and use light colors to add to the open feel.

Elements such as large screens with product content and large display desks showcasing live products encourage curiosity, exploration and discussion between visitors. Seating areas are also available for visitors to use as places to relax and chat amongst each other or with store associates. Several of the stores offer shoppers unique experiences. For instance, the Coastal City Mall pop-up store in Shenzhen features an interactive LED light tunnel which uses motion sensors to create dynamic animations that respond to customers’ movements. In the Coastal City Mall main store, a cafe is situated in the middle of the space, acting as an attraction point for both customers and passer-bys. These various touch-points all instill a sense of communication and community between the Honor customers.

Various materials were used to achieve the premium style of the stores, including mirror stainless steel, grey artificial stone, warm grey terrazzo, beige artificial stone and wood veneer.



  • 11 store locations
  • Interactive elements create engagement
  • Free-flowing store layout
  • Scalable design language


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