In the competitive fitness tracker category, differentiation is difficult, but crucial. On top of that, many shoppers are unaware of the potential benefits of activity tracking and hesitate to make purchase decisions in-store. Shoppers either don’t know what fitness trackers are, don’t see a place for them in their life, or are overwhelmed by the choice.

Jawbone recognized the opportunity to better engage with shoppers, and tasked us to create displays that made it happen.

Outform was tasked with creating an informative and interactive solution to engage and teach customers about benefits of the UP tracker. By engaging shoppers through thought-provoking questions, our retail displays spark interest in the UP by Jawbone system, ultimately transforming curiosity into purchase.


  • 350 units Deployed Globally
  • 90 day Manufacturing Cycle
  • 45+ second Engagement
  • 400% incremental In-Store Sales Increase
  • Popai OMA Winner - Sports Equipment


  • 💎 Tiffany & Co. Launches NFT Collection

  • Outform Wins 10 Shop! OMA Awards