For global brands, achieving the right balance of core branding and regional appeal can be a complex issue. For Motorola’s Moto Care Bangalore location, adjusting the global design language to reflect India’s unique culture and society was top priority. In order to achieve this, we adapted the brand colors in a bright and vibrant way and used dark wood veneer to bring warmth to the space. Because of the hot and humid climate, special consideration was given to materials that would withstand moisture and heat without comprising on functionality. The messaging platforms were adapted to include regional styles, social cues, and people, ultimately communicating the message of friendly and efficient service. As a global brand, Motorola needed a retail space which incorporated a recognizable brand language with regional and cultural design elements.

Outform decided on a store design which fused Motorola’s existing branding with India’s unique style and vibrance through a balanced mix of colors, patterns, and materials.

Our solution was a sleek and colorful environment that focused on a welcoming atmosphere, hands-on product experiences, and comfortable customer service areas, maintaining a perfect balance of brand and culture.



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