To reach more shoppers, Nest, along with Outform Group, designed and developed a series of in-store displays that would create exposure to the brand’s full line of innovative home solutions, showing off their capabilities and modern aesthetic. The result was a display that made a clean and cozy home for Nest’s products. Staying in line with Nest’s product design, the tiered form factors took cues from the simplistic style, mirroring the contemporary elegance synonymous with the brand.

Product features and benefits are highlighted through callouts placed before each product. A comparison chart is included on each display to help shoppers compare the different Nest Cams. The graphic lets shoppers know more about the Nest Aware subscription service and the free Nest app.

Mid and high-tier displays contain interactive elements, providing shoppers with a more immersive experience. Displays containing a touchscreen tablet allow shoppers to explore further – users can select which product they would like to learn more about on the screen and view a demo video to learn about the top features of each product.

A different version of the display features a 15″ screen which captures shopper attention through dynamic video content, showing Nest products in action. The display also includes a backlit Nest logo, helping shoppers quickly identify the brand in the store.

The Summer 2017 launch of the Nest display kicked off in July at several major retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Fry’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, InMotion, Adorama, PC Richard’s, Nebraska Furniture Mart, MictoCenter, B&H, and ABT Electronics. Outform Group is excited to help Nest provide its consumers with comfort and peace of mind at home.

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