For the launch of Ariana Grande’s new beauty line, R.E.M. Beauty, Outform designed a series of in-store displays and experiences that incorporate both physical and digital touch-points, transporting fans and makeup lovers to a world of “vivid dreams and limitless possibilities.”

Shoppers are welcomed with dynamic digital displays positioned in the windows and entries of Ulta stores. The digital signage features photos of Ariana Grande’s face overlaid with floating beads that move around the surface and come together, morphing into the R.E.M. Beauty logo.

To create an instant splash and brand noticeability, Outform designed an out-of-this-world beauty capsule display. Made exclusively for select Ulta Beauty locations, the capsule was situated in the front of each store, producing an instant “wow” moment. The unique display gives customers a 360-degree shopping experience, housing a large variety of R.E.M. Beauty products to try and buy. Lighting from the surface and top of the capsule adds standout illumination to the products. The display also includes a large backdrop photo of Ariana Grande and a floor decal with the brand logo, creating an impossible presence to miss.

An accompanying 4-tier inline display was also produced for all Ulta stores. The sleek design features rounded product pedestals that go along with the futuristic look and feel of R.E.M. Beauty, branded backer graphics, product application example photography, and modern space-gray tones, which make the products the heroes of the display. The display also features a QR code that allows customers to launch an AR experience, unlocking 3D brand content, product details, and virtual try-on.

For additional brand immersion, a VR experience was created, letting shoppers further explore the world of R.E.M. Beauty in-store. The unique, alienesque shape of the display compliments the space theme of the beauty line and features an attractive screen with looping brand content. With the VR headset, shoppers can enter an interactive digital experience to familiarize themselves further with the brand.

Customers reacted favorably to the R.E.M. Beauty Cosmic Showcase, generating social media content surrounding their in-store experiences, resulting in over 13 million Tik Tok impressions.

  • instant brand recognizability
  • multiple in-store activations
  • immersive digital touchpoints


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