Bringing Rare Beauty’s DNA to Life

Selena Gomez and her team entrusted Outform to successfully showcase Rare Beauty’s new Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil in the heart of New York City — Times Square. To achieve this, our beauty team created a multi-zone chamber constructed using metals, acrylics and fabrics. Each zone incorporates both the vibrant colors offered in the new lip oil range and instantly-recognizable imagery of Selena Gomez and Rare Beauty models.

The Experience Playground

While the two outside zones serve as spaces to facilitate social moments meant to be shared, their main objective is to guide the customer journey to the central focal point of the chamber — the lip oil experience playground. This zone brings the “wow” effect to customers by completely enveloping them in the brand’s DNA using appropriate color palettes and high-contrast product placement; on inner walls, customers can try the product and make real-time purchasing decisions with perfectly-placed mirrors. The protagonist of the playground is a fully-rotating, beauty centerpiece showcasing the different lip oils and their unique colors. These product stations come together to present the shopper with a complete experience, calling for social media moments to happen right at the store.

Breaking through the Noise

The execution lived in the atrium of Times Square’s Sephora location and gave visiting shoppers a warm, yet exciting welcome. Outform’s dedicated design team was able to seamlessly connect the brand, product and retailer to the shopper. The Sephora Pop-Up offered visitors an experience that broke through the noise and disruption of an area known area for its sensory overload and constant flux of activity.



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