Showcasing the Epic

Samsung’s launch for its flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra asked phone users to “join the epic” with a feature-packed mobile device — one that offers entry into an immense ecosystem; serves as a pro gaming device; and has a camera worthy enough for all of life’s moments.

Design, Build and Install

To reach a new and wider audience, The Outform Group was tasked with designing a completely mobile pop-up to be used across multiple locations — all within the short turnaround time of five weeks.

Daring to Innovate

Using the Galaxy’s “more innovation, less footprint” spirit, The Outform Group designed the Pop-Up Roadshow. When compared to a store setting, this solution offered customers a demo environment free of confinements with unrestricted devices on display.

Shoppers attracted to the incredible execution, were invited to explore several stations that highlighted the S23 Ultra’s capabilities. Standouts included the 360-mirror photo capsule — a top-to-bottom reimagining of the traditional photo booth — and a fully interactive touchscreen allowing users to effortlessly navigate through a complete catalog of Samsung products. At the end of the Roadshow experience, users had the option to be rewarded with a brand-specific prize via The Outform Group’s own data touchpoint, the PodDrop. The information gathered by this customer-activated solution will allow Samsung to reach out to all who scanned the QR code and completed the microsite form.



  • Victoria's Secret PodDrop Experience

  • Introducing the Digital Mannequin