With its esteemed reputation as having the “#1 ball golf”, Titleist wanted to ensure the in-store presentation of the products was its best. To achieve this, Outform created a dynamic golf ball showcase with multiple elements of engagement, resulting in a strong and memorable retail presence.

Acting as a rich content platform, the display features eye-catching videos and pertinent brand information on two sides, creating instant noticeability for shoppers. This dual-screen content also ensures ongoing relevancy due to its ability to be manually or remotely updated to reflect current promotions or seasonal campaigns. The display also houses two interactive touchscreens. Each screen features a custom ball-selector tool, helping customers compare options and choose the perfect golf ball for their game. In addition, the embedded product storage enables the display to house multiple cases of golf balls, ensuring the product is always easily accessible to customers.

Following its installation, the display proved to create attraction and help with purchase decisions, with the retailer seeing an almost 30% increase in ball sales.

  • ideation to installation in 8 weeks
  • engaging dynamic content
  • interactive product comparison tool
  • 30% increase in sales


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