TooFaced is all about fun, femininity, and charisma, which needed to come through in the design of the display. The brand carries a retro/mod visual identity, which must be reflected in all display elements.

By aligning the display design with the brand-specific colors, textures, and overall energy of TooFaced, The Outform Group delivered an impactful showcase that radiated the feminine confidence with which the brand is associated.

The TooFaced Sephora Showcase series takes a feminine, girly approach that proves that being a girl is fun through the iconic colors of pink and gold throughout the display. The bold colors and high shine give the presentation unmistakably TooFaced recognizability, creating a standout visual in-store.

The products are beautifully highlighted through brand accents such as hearts, feminine fonts, and gold accents. Shiny 3D letters and chrome texture elements create a pop, adding visual interest and fun to the display. The display also features fun quotes accurate to the TooFaced brand.



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