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On June 17th, Outform’s CEO, Ariel Haroush was invited to Shop! Association’s second Industry CoLab event to discuss Retail Technology and In-Store Innovation. During the discussion, Ariel highlighted how the future of retail is being shaped through interactive and immersive experiences, retail technology, and in-store innovation.

Here are some takeaways from the keynote:

  • Retailers who adapt to the changed behavior of the current consumer will triumph through retail hardships.
  • The evolution of behavior has caused brands and retailers to adapt by providing shoppers with the Digital Handshake, a moment where physical and digital in-store experiences emerge through the use of mobile phones. 
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality allow retailers to push the boundaries of traditional retail by transporting consumers to experiences that defy physics through extraordinary and tailored executions.
  • Post-COVID, many shoppers want to interact safely with products in-store.  This can be achieved through touchless technology such as QR experiences, gesture control, and voice activation.


“The work we do today is extremely fundamental for the future of retail. We need to remember it is not bounded by four walls and a ceiling.”

Ariel Haroush, Outform’s CEO


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