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The Interactive Collection becomes Best Buy’s first solution for the integration of touchless interactive technologies into the retail environment.

Outform is pleased to announce that Best Buy has selected Outform’s touch free technology, The Interactive Collection, as their first approved touchless interactive retail solution. With our recent launch of this product line, we are excited to make accessible what were once considered to be complex, and unattainable retail experiences. The Interactive Collection uses systems as simple as plug and play to curate bespoke contactless interactive retail experiences that cater to the expectations of consumers in the current landscape and beyond.

Today, retailers face a new level of complexity, layering in nuances brought about by the global pandemic. Now more than ever, our team of innovators is looking to technology to create experiences that excite shoppers about being in store. Revered as pioneers in the development of gesture semantics, industry leaders such as Best Buy are looking to Outform to drive safe, intuitive, and comprehensive user experiences. To learn more about the full capabilities of the Interactive Collection, click here.

Outform’s Vice President of Strategy and Design, Chris Brandewie, says, “As part of our ongoing effort to reinvent the retail experience in a compelling and safe way, we are extremely pleased to be working with Best Buy to establish the standard for not only functionality, but interactive behavior as well. With the implementation of the Interactive Collection as the first approved system, Best Buy and Outform will shape the shopper experience for the foreseeable future.”

Outform’s CEO, Ariel Haroush, says, “As we navigate our new reality, our partnership with the Best Buy C7 Lab has triggered some of the most compelling conversations around defining the future of shopper engagement. In a time where demoing devices has never been more important, the consumer electronics industry is looking to Best Buy as the industry leader for establishing the new normal of product demoing. Outform’s interactive solutions provide touch-free, and gesture controllers to deliver the most intuitive shopper experience.”

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Outform exists to create reasons for people to visit stores again and again and we work with some of the world’s leading brands to define the Future of Retail. We are strategists, technologists, designers, engineers, makers and producers. We believe everyone can be creative and we all share the same spirit; dare to innovate. With more than 500 people and global locations that include; Miami, London, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Shenzhen, and Leicester, our teams bring insight, technology and creativity to transform retail experience. We design, engineer and prototype, create one-offs and mass produce, we manage logistics and implement in store, and we can make sense of the data that’s collected along the way.



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