The stunning Edificio Generali building is home to H&M’s new Barcelona flagship store. Our challenge was to create juxtaposition between traditional architecture and a future-facing shopping experience to create a retail destination that will inspire the Gen Z audience.

The centerpiece was the LED light ropes within the multi-story void in the center of the store. Color-changing and visible from the street, they create a striking focal point that ties the space together, connected with additional light ropes used throughout the store to add soft pops of color.

We also incorporated Quad Pods throughout the space. These digital LED screens can easily be wheeled anywhere in the store and be continuously updated to stay relevant by showcasing the latest collection, promotion, or campaign.

Introduced for the first time in a commercial setting, Outform’s Digital Mannequin is an impossible-to-miss showcase driving customer interaction. The holographic display delivers a life-like experience in which shoppers take control through a QR code, choosing the model and garments they want to see. They can even save the details of each look on their phones for later.

The Social Fitting Room turned the store into social stories. This innovative capsule is layered with infinity mirrors and accented by color-changing LED lights that can be adjusted via touchscreen and paired with a song of choice. Customers are encouraged to capture their new looks in the space and show them off on their social platforms.

The experience was a big success, with customers lining up to try out the Social Fitting Room and posting the content they created inside to their social media accounts. On TikTok alone, the space generated more than 11 million views, over 1.5 million likes, over 150,000 shares, and nearly 14,000 comments.

We partnered with H&M to create a store that is much more than a typical retail encounter – it is a space where the shopper can explore their personal style, express their individuality, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

  • A Tailored Gen-Z Style Space
  • Personal Discovery Through Digital Innovation
  • Share-Worthy Moments At Every Corner


  • Introducing the Digital Mannequin

  • Victoria's Secret PodDrop Experience