Endless Aisle

Increase product assortment with a reduced retail footprint.


Retail today is challenged with smaller footprints and reduced physical inventory. Utilizing the Endless Aisle Kiosk, retailers can carry less stock, increase product assortments without occupying valuable floor space and elevate the customer experience. A turn-key, yet customizable solution, the Endless Aisle Kiosk uses interactive touch screen displays in multiple form factors to provide unlimited product information and engaging media to in-store guests. It expands inventory selection, offers personalized and exclusive in-store only events and services and fosters customer integration with store staff and your brand.

Unlimited Product Assortment

Endless Aisle Kiosk permits a product assortment of any size, without space constraint. With a larger and more diverse product catalog, robust search capabilities and relevant, engaging media, stores equipped with self-service, interactive kiosks are made more intuitive and brands made more attractive. By simplifying customers’ shopping experience, reducing the scope of their search and recommending additional products, retailers can produce better in-store activation while maximising precious real estate.

Seamless Cross-Selling

Cross-selling and up-selling is easy and intuitive with Endless Aisle Kiosk! Provide guided consumer experiences that encourage additional and future purchases. Consumers opt-in on personalized product promotions or other product recommendations when provided with additional decision support such as product information, comparison charts and customer ratings

Enhanced Customer Personalization

Responsively designed, well-executed POP (Point of Purchase) displays engage the customer in a fast, convenient and consistent brand experience. The Endless Aisle Kiosk is enabled with nascent technology that provides intuitive solutions to finding information and products based on preference. It elevates brand interaction and personalizes the customer experience. The user analytics serve as market intelligence for future marketing campaigns, product offers and improved customer service.

All-In-One Solution

Endless Aisle Kiosk is an out-of-the-box, POS solution that serves as the perfect segue to retail’s “digitized store”. Hardware, software and display fixture integrate for a stand-alone solution that can be deployed across multiple form factors and for distinct retail environments and footprints. Add content and plug in!

Shelf Space Abounds

Reduced assortments and constrained planograms are no longer a challenge. In product categories where the product is large, requires multiple facings, has long lead times or is highly customizable, retailers save money and space by not having to purchase, warehouse or display these items. With Endless Aisle Kiosk, retailers can now extend the path of the retail footprint with an unparalleled assortment and, even still, improve operational efficiency.

Easy & Intuitive

Customers look for ease of use and timely service in physical stores as they do in on-line shopping. Bring the speed and convenience of on-line shopping with similar user interface into the store and create a converged channel experience. Make it seamless to the customer!

Fuel Associate Sales

Increase store associate productivity by supporting them as well as customers with accurate, timely information and guided selling tools. Sales associates can show potential buyers the entire breadth of inventory and really have meaningful conversations with customers. The easier you make it for your employees to service your customers, the easier it will be for your customers to work with your company and commit their trust and loyalty.

Modular Display Components

Every brand and retail environment presents its own set of needs and objectives. Choose the Endless Aisle Kiosk form factor, attributes and services that best fit your requirements across your outlets. FORM FACTOR Free-standing In-Aisle/On Shelf Store Fixture (embedded) Store-in-Store/Pop Up ATTRIBUTES Materials Graphics/Branding Hardware Peripherals Stands/Mounts Software SERVICES Strategy Design/Production Project Management Installation & Deployment

Pulse Management

Pulse Management is the device software that controls and administers a variety of POS (Point of Sale) and content management solutions such as the Endless Aisle Kiosk. It remotely manages all device and app settings to maximize program effectiveness while providing a consistent, branded and controlled user experience across thousands of devices.

Pulse Device Manager

On-site tech support is a thing of the past with the new Pulse Device Manager, a cloud based software responsible for managing the Endless Aisle Kiosk utilization and content. It manages device operations from a single dashboard, serves issue notifications upon detection of problems, ensures device security and user compliance and captures as well as analyzes digital interactions.